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About the Books

Teaching children a positive belief system

The average adult had 60 000 thoughts each day - and it's been estimated that 95 per cent of these thoughts are negative.  Why are we living under such stressful conditions?

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviour are all conditioned by our beliefs.  And by the time a child is seven years old, 90 per cent of their personality is fully developed.

Why is it so important to teach children to believe in themselves?  Because it is our primary belief system that creates our reality.  We attract people, events and experiences that correspond with our beliefs.

The I Re-member series consists of seven books.  The first six books are designed to teach children a positive belief system: I Do Deserve, I Am Worthy, I Am Powerful, I Am Lovable, I Am Valuable and I Am Good.  The last book, I Am Grateful, teaches children to be grateful for all experiences, as it is by being grateful that we can truly master the game of life.

Now imagine what life would be like if 95 per cent of those negative thoughts were positive!  That's what it would be like to have peace of mind - and to live in peace.

The intention of the I Re-member series is to make the world a more peaceful place.  Let's begin within our homes - because every child matters.  So remind your children everyday who they really are.  Their future depends on it!

These books will benefit children of all ages.

About the Author

Rania has been psychic and open to her spirituality for over twenty years.  Continuing to progressively expand on her gifts, Rania holds a lot of honour and integrity with her work. As a well-known and respected psychic, shaman and author, she has also been teaching and working around Australia where she has helped and transformed the lives of thousands of people.